Monday, May 30, 2016

Two more state Capitols

Ohio Statehouse - old side
The count of state Capitols visited is up to twelve since we left Tucson on January 31. The Ohio Statehouse (that is how they spell it in their guide) was completed in 1861 and had an addition completed in 1901. It is said to be one of the nation's finest examples of Greek Revival architecture. The door that we entered (this is one of the few Capitols that allowed entry through more than one entrance) led us into the Crypt, another term for a basement, that originally housed the heating system. The arches, made using block and mortar construction, support the Rotunda above.

Ohio Statehouse Crypt

Ohio Statehouse House
Going up to the next floor, the Rotunda is simple but nicely done with a pretty dome above. Open, marble stairways go up on each side to the House and Senate Chambers. The Chambers are simple but nicely done with just enough ornate carving and chandeliers to give some elegance. Overall, this building is not as large as some of the others we've seen.

Ohio Statehouse Senate
Indiana State House
The Indiana State House (note they use two words) was completed in 1888. This is a very large building with a Victorian influence. The Rotunda seemed dark which allowed the stained glass dome above to stand out. Two atriums, one on each side of the Rotunda, give a grand feel with marble pillars and open walkways for each floor above.

The House Chamber seemed dark and dreary with nothing but wood
Indiana State House Atrium
paneling throughout. It also had a very ugly chandelier. The Senate Chamber is unique, not necessarily in a good way, set up on an angle with three floors of windows, from what appeared to be offices, on each side. Very bizarre.

The Supreme Court room was very regal.

Indiana State House - House Chamber

Indiana State House - Senate Chamber
Indiana State House -
Supreme Court

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