Monday, March 3, 2014


We moved to Tucson in February and are parked in the Sabino Canyon volunteer RV area.  We work as volunteers in exchange for our hookups.  Sabino Canyon is one of our favorite places in Arizona, not only because it is very pretty and affords a lot of hiking, but also because we've been coming here as visitors for many years. We have many fond memories of climbing on rocks along the stream when the kids were small.  We'll be here into April when it is time to start working our way north.

Here are a few pictures from Sabino Canyon.
View north from our campsite
to the canyon

Migrating Cedar Waxwings stopped by
for a visit outside our window

Bear Canyon hike

7 Falls on Bear Canyon trail
Not a lot of water this dry winter

Bear Canyon hike

We had an amazing, full, crisp double
rainbow at sunset on a rare rainy day