Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update from Colorado

We've been near Denver for a month now and all is good.  We've had a dusting of snow and a few cold days and nights to give us a taste of winter.  For the most part we've been having good weather but there is another cold snap in the forecast for later this week.  We've enjoyed seeing the birds migrating through as well as the hawks and eagles that call this area home.  I did not expect to see pelicans in Colorado but there have been a lot of them on the lake.  Huge flocks of Sandhill Cranes went through last weekend but are gone already.

We walk around the lake regularly and have done some hiking in the foothills near Evergreen and Boulder.  This past weekend we finally made it to Rocky Mountain National Park for our first hike there.  It lived up to its reputation as a very beautiful park.  Many roads are closed for the season and in one day we saw a tiny part of the park.  We will be back for many more visits so we can see and hike different areas.
View at Alderfer Park near Evergreen
Rocky Mountain National Park -
Nymph Lake - Elevation 9630

Rocky Mountain National Park
View from trail to Dream Lake

View from trail to Dream Lake

Carl and Ann at Dream Lake
Elevation about 9900