Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick update

We left Alabama and the fairly consistent stormy weather and headed to central Florida.  We started by spending a week at Disney's Fort Wilderness campground.  I took a week vacation and we had a great time in the parks.  We then moved a few miles north to near Clermont so we are still within sticking distance of Orlando activities.  No other fun stuff to report at this time.  In a couple weeks we'll be visiting the Keys and Everglades so I'll give an update on our adventures there.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Montgomery - Pensacola

We haven't done much sightseeing since the last post due to disagreeable weather and a week of travel for the holidays.  We had a great week in Denver visiting, chilling and doing our annual Wii fest (we play a lot of Wii games).  We had to scramble on our return to Mobile (where we started from).  Our flight from Charlotte was cancelled due to fog so we ended up flying to Montgomery the next day and driving back to Mobile.  Since one of our "things" is to visit State capitals, we took advantage of the opportunity to take in the historic downtown and Capitol in Montgomery before driving down to Mobile to pick up our car at the airport.

AL State Capital
Baptist Church
The Capitol building doesn't look its 150 year age.  It was where the constitution of confederate states was written and adopted and it was the temporary capital until it was moved to Richmond, VA.

Across the street is the Baptist church where Martin Luther King Jr was pastor for a number of years.

On Saturday, January 7 we drove to Pensacola and visited the National Naval Aviation Museum.  It was amazing.  We thought it was much better than the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (for the "air" part anyway).  They have 160 genuine (restored) military aircraft indoors to view giving a great history of aviation history.

First plane to cross the Atlantic

Captured German (left) and
Japanese planes

We've been to the beach a few of times but we always seem to get cloudy cool conditions so we just walk for a while and leave.  Hopefully we'll get better luck some time when we are near enough to go and hang for a while.