Friday, May 13, 2016

Pennsylvania State Capitol

We're spending just a few days in Pennsylvania to see some things. First stop was the Capitol in
Pennsylvania Capitol - Harrisburg
Harrisburg. The building was completed in 1906 and is another opulent Capitol competing for the most lavish in the country. This is one of those buildings where you stand in awe in each room you enter. Each room is so full of beauty you must look around and study each feature to appreciate everything. The Rotunda is grand with its grand staircase, three-tiered gallery, and Moravian tiled floor.

Senate Chamber
The Senate Chamber has mahogany desks imported from Belize, rare green marble walls imported from Ireland, huge paintings, massive gold-plated floor lights, massive bronze chandeliers and intricate gilding everywhere.

House Chamber
The House Chamber features magnificent art including stained glass windows and huge, beautiful murals. There is more gilded ornate carvings everywhere you look, massive chandeliers, and the wonderful rows of wooden desks.

This building is definitely palatial and in the running for grandest Capitol in the country. We are so glad we stopped to see it.

Governor's Reception


Moravian tiled floor in

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