Friday, August 20, 2010

Where to first?

The somewhat ironic thing was that we had already had a 2 week vacation planned in Michigan and Wisconsin with the kids which fell one week after the house closing. Angela and Jake were to meet us at Alex’s place in Evanston, IL and we would make a loop from there visiting family, friends and the sites (most important – Lambeau field). Plan B kicked in now – we would drive rather than fly. So, off we went.

Because this vacation had a particular window when everyone was available, we didn’t get to take our time getting to Evanston. We had to bust butt to be on time for our vacation. Not the way this lifestyle is meant to be, but, things happen.

Since this all happened 2 months ago (June) and I'm just getting this blog going, I’m not going to give details like I will in the ongoing blog. The short story is, we left Phoenix (6/9) and drove south to Tucson to drop off some stuff with Martha and pick up Alex’s marimba from Scott. Over the next 6 days we headed east on I-10 into NM. North on I-25 to Bernardo where we took US 60/US 54 east to Santa Rosa; I-40 to Oklahoma City; I-44 to St. Louis; I-55 to Chicago; 294/94 north to Illinois Beach State Park near Waukegan IL (6/15) which was the closest campground to Alex in Evanston.

Here are a couple of pictures along the way.  We didn't take many because we were kind of stressed being new to driving a 40 foot motor home (pulling a car), fighting a gusty 25 mile and hour side wind for 3 days, trying to "make time", learning to navigate truck stops and fuel with truckers, figuring out where we will stay the next night, and we were familiar with the drive so it's not like it was new.  Taking pictures just wasn't on our mind yet.  By the way, throughout the blog you can click on pictures to get bigger images and then use the browser "back" button to go back to the blog (don't "close" the picture or you will close the blog).
Along I-40 in Oklahoma
Also in Oklahoma on I-40

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