Friday, August 20, 2010

The Start

Although the dream had existed for a long time the real thing still actually started suddenly in May.  We had been trying to sell the house, off and on, for a couple of years with no luck in this market.  The new house that we were supposed to move into was leased so no big rush.  We were once again just seeing what would happen by having it listed.  People would ask (including Ann) “what are we going to do if it sells” and I would say “move into an RV!”  Laughs would always be the reply.  Well, it sold and we bought an RV.  Surprise!  Chaos ensued for the next 5 weeks trying to buy an RV, downsize from 3,000 sq ft to a motor home and a storage unit, and of course our renters gave notice on the other house (sigh). I’m not even going to try to relive those 5 weeks here.  The carrot on the stick that kept us going was “hitting the road”.

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