Friday, August 20, 2010

The Vacation

Illinois Beach State Park
We hung out around Evanston and Chicago for a couple of days. The really big news on 6/17 was Jake proposing to Angela while in Chicago. He even invited Alex, me, Ann and his parents (who flew in from Seattle just for this) to a celebration dinner after proposing (we obviously knew about it ahead of time).  It was a surprise to Angela when we were all sitting around the dinner table waiting for them.

Parked at Illinois Beach State Park

After we gathered our emotions we headed to Rockford, MI (6/18) where a family gathering was scheduled. We had to drive the motor home because, of course, everyone wanted to see our new house. Visualize a rookie 40 ft motor home driver going through Chicago and around the Loop, but I made it.
In Chicago just hours before the proposal

Dinner after proposal
We hung out in Rockford for a few days. The original plan would have now taken us north across “the bridge”, across the UP, down through Green Bay and back. That just wasn’t going to work for 5 people in the motor home so we headed back to IL Beach State Park (6/21) where we stayed and did day trips from there. We drove up to Green Bay and visited friends whom we hadn’t seen in eons, went to Krolls, and did a tour of Lambeau Field. The next day we drove back down to Milwaukee to do a Miller Brewery tour and attend the Mariners/Brewers game at Miller Park. We drove back “home” after the game.
At family gathering
On Lambeau field
Wait the excitement isn't over, the next day we attended a wedding of a high school friend of Angela’s in Chicago (Sears Tower). Sadly, the next day was the end of the fun when Angela and Jake flew home (6/27).

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