Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Capitol Reef National Park

From Moab we moved to Torrey, UT so that we could visit Capitol Reef National Park. This is another beautiful park on the Colorado Plateau. The name comes from a combination of a large white
Capitol Dome

Hickman Bridge
dome shaped like the nation's "capitol" and the "reef" of rocky cliffs that are a barrier to travel, like an ocean reef. The stunning colors of the rock cliffs, the arches and natural bridges, and the many domes throughout the park make driving and hiking in the park a pure delight. There are few roads in this park but there are great hikes to enjoy the splendor. If you are going to do just one hike, do the Hickman Bridge Trail.

In addition to the geologic history (read about it by following the link above), there is also human history in the park. There are
Who else thinks there may have been
aliens visit earth as documented in
petroglyphs dating back a thousand years and more recently, in the
1880s, Mormon settlers established a community along the Fremont River called Fruita. Fruit trees still grow in the area today.

View on Hickman Bridge Trail

View on Hickman Bridge Trail

View along Scenic Drive

View along Scenic Drive
View from Chimney Rock Trail

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