Friday, September 30, 2016

Moab, UT area

We did more exploring around Moab. We drove out another scenic byway, Hwy 279 which goes west along the Colorado River in a canyon, to see some rock art (petroglyphs) and to take a hike. This rock art is right along the road so there is no effort to see them.
Rock Art right along Hwy 279

Rock Art right along Hwy 279

We hiked to a nice view of Corona and Bow Tie Arches. It is posted as a 1.5 mile hike to Corona Arch but we stopped after a mile where we had a clear view. This was a very pretty hike.

Bow Tie Arch (left) and Corona
Arch (right)
We went back to town and drove along the other side of the river on Kane Creek Blvd to see more rock art. About 5 miles from town there is a big square boulder along the road with rock art all the way around it. One side in particular is really neat with some very unique drawings. The "birthing" and sandal tracks are pretty unusual. This was worth the time to see.

Note: there is a visitor information center in town on the corner of US 191 and Center street. We used their list of rock art with descriptions and detailed directions.

Huge bolder with rock art

Closer pic of rock art. Left side
shows feet first birthing

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