Thursday, April 21, 2016


Our next stop, on what is basically a tour of state capitols, was Nashville Tennessee.  
Tennessee State Capitol
The Tennessee State Capitol construction began in 1845 and completed in 1859. This is another really nice building that has been restored and maintained to show-off frescoes, iron work, ornate light fixtures and marble hand rails complete with chips from bullets fired at people (that must have been some debate). The building is actually quite small compared to most Capitols we've seen because it is built to perform the basics without a bunch of offices. Congress was in session when we visited so we had to settle for pictures from the gallery and peaking in the doors when they were on break.

TN Capitol lobby

After visiting the Capitol we walked around Nashville checking out the music scene. Broadway bars and restaurants already had live music playing in time for lunch. We walked around listening for music that "called us in" to spend some time. We walked the Music City Walk of Fame and finally found a place for lunch. We liked Legends Corner with all of its great memorabilia and old music players. As far as going into any of the famous sites and museums, we just couldn't get ourselves to spend the outrageous prices they charge. We all have our priorities.

Former State Library in

Ryman Auditorium - original
home of the Grand Ole Opry

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