Monday, April 25, 2016

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site - TN

Our next move was to the east across Tennessee. It was tough to find an RV park that suited our needs but we did find one that was good enough. Our next sight seeing adventure was to the
Andrew Johnson's Tailor
Shop - the actual one
Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in the historic town of Greeneville, TN.
Andrew Johnson's first home
while a tailor.
This site has the actual first home, tailor shop and second home that Johnson owned when he lived in Greeneville. The visitor center and information signs tell the story of his interesting life. He was Vice President when Lincoln was shot and thus was thrust into presidency when in the depths of reconstruction after the Civil War. He did not see eye to eye with Congress which ultimately resulted in him being the first president ever impeached, although he was not removed from office.
Andrew Johnson second home.
The one he returned to in 1869.

When his presidency ended, he moved back to Greeneville to his second home. This home, due to a very proud and thoughtful daughter, has been maintained and restored to the time when Johnson moved back. It is fully furnished with 85 percent of the contents being original. This place is a great place to visit.
One room with almost all original

The town of Greeneville (the only town in the U.S. that uses this spelling) has a long and interesting history. I enjoy the fun fact that Greeneville was the Capital of the short-lived, "almost", State of Franklin. Use the link to read about it. This was an enjoyable town to walk around in after we visited the NHS.
Old Church in town - 1780

This church has a Civil War
cannonball just above the
light to the right of the door

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