Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some recent hikes and Mesa Falls

Glacier Lilys
I thought I would post a hiking update. I think I've done about 60 miles so far. Some trails near town aren't too exciting but they accomplish being outside and getting exercise.

Here are some pictures from various hikes.

Upper Whits Lake

Western Tanager

Had a beautiful 5 mile hike round trip to Lone Star geyser. The whole thing was along the Firehole River.
Lone Star geyser

Hebgen Lake way down below from
9700 feet
I hiked up Red Canyon to the top of a mountain range. It was 6 miles up, 2600 foot elevation gain topping out at 9700 feet.  I had the following fabulous views. One of my all time best hikes.

Cabin Creek valley from above
Looking east. Yellowstone National
Park way off in distance.

We drove into Idaho to Mesa Falls.  It wasn't a hike, only a walk of the road maybe a total of a quarter mile.  Thought I would include the pictures in this posting.
Upper Mesa Falls

Big Falls Inn

Lower Mesa Falls from overlook

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