Sunday, July 13, 2014

More hikes

Sheep Creek trail
My next hike was about 13 miles and another 2600 foot elevation gain to an alpine lake. The trail was up through a very long valley all along Sheep Creek to Sheep Lake. This was another one in the Gallatin National Forest northwest of West Yellowstone Montana. The hike was another real nice one especially once it broke into the alpine meadow and the rest of the way up.

View up Sheep Creek trail. The lake
is over ridge in the foreground but
this side of the snow peak

View back down the valley from around
the five mile point

Sheep Lake - elevation 9150
A couple days later we drove down to Jackson, WY for the weekend.  We had one three mile round trip hike to Phelps Lake at the foot of the Teton Mountains. The hike was along a roaring stream and ended in an amazing view of the lake and Tetons.

Phelps Lake at base of Grand Tetons

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