Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon activities

Oregon State Capitol - Salem
Mission Mill Museum
I'm a little slow on updates as once we got to Seattle there just wasn't any free time to post.  I'll try to get caught up a little.  Based in Silverton OR, we drove 10 miles into Salem one afternoon to visit the Capitol and historic district.  The Capitol was relatively modern (early 1900s) so wasn't all that much fun.  We walked around a 5-6 block area of older buildings and then went to the Mission Mill   Museum.  This museum had a collection of some of the oldest (circa 1860) homes and buildings from the Salem area that had been moved there to preserve and show.  It was well done and very enjoyable.

We drove about 17 miles to Silver Falls State Park on Friday afternoon June 24th.  The park had a trail that looped around for a few miles to view a series of water falls.  The falls were pretty and the canyon they were in was intriguing also because of the moss and other plant life that grew on the trees in the constant damp, shaded environment. 

On Saturday we drove about 70 miles to Lincoln City on the coast.  We actually had a sunny day but a very cold, strong wind blew out of the north that the sun couldn't offset.  We were lucky to find a kite festival going on (they loved the strong wind) at the beach.  There were some pretty awesome kites.

Cape Foulweather
Boiler Bay
After having a nice lunch we drove down the coast stopping a lot to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.  We actually saw one whale surface a few times while at one stop.  It was a beautiful drive which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

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