Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On to Seattle

We pulled out of Silverton on Sunday morning June 26 and drove to our destination southeast of Seattle.  We had another beautiful sunny day which made this drive very special. Why?  Because we saw Mount Hood, Portland, Mount Saint Helens and then Mount Rainer all crisp, clear and beautiful in one sunny day.  That is a rarity and we are very appreciative of the experience.  Sorry, no pictures, as it is just too difficult to take pictures out the window of a moving vehicle trying to time between obstructions (trees) and they don't seem to believe in scenic pullouts here.

Our new campground is Lake Sawyer in Black Diamond, WA.  We are about 20-25 miles from downtown Seattle.  We got here on Sunday the 26th and went into visiting and wedding mode.  I worked Mon-Thurs and Ann did wedding prep.  Thursday afternoon I shut down the work and went into vacation/wedding mode. 

Starting Thursday night and all the way through Monday night fireworks, we had so much fun with family and friends it is very sad to have it all end. The wedding was exceptional on Sunday with everything going smoothly and it was a huge amount of fun.

Monday and Tuesday we got to do a little Seattle tourist stuff. We walked around the city, went to the fish market, went to the Space Needle, did the Underground Tour and walked along the beach.

Where are the pictures?  Forthcoming.  I kept forgetting my camera so I have to get pictures from other people to post.  That will give you an excuse to check back.

Ann and I are relaxing for a couple of days and then on Friday and Saturday we will go to Victoria, BC and Olympic National Park.  I'll post pictures and details of that next week.  Sunday (10th) we'll move to the other side of the state to stage our selves for a week vacation in Glacier National Park starting the 18th.  This is the life!

Note: this is the second post today.  Don't miss the post prior to this one!

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