Monday, May 15, 2017

Crater Lake National Park

As we moved north through California, we had planned on going to Lassen Volcanic National Park but we discovered that most of the park was still closed with snow. Rather than just going to the
Sundial Bridge - Redding CA
 visitor center we opted to have a day of leisure and see what was in Redding. We opted for a river walk that included seeing the Sundial Bridge. It was a pleasant day topped off by seeing a Bald Eagle nest complete with an adult Eagle sitting on it.

The next day we headed north to Fort Klamath Oregon to be as close as possible to Crater Lake National Park. The weather forecast wasn't good with rain and accumulating snow over the next five days other than a potential break late the day we arrived or early the next. We decided that we would see if we could get lucky with this little break in weather and then leave before another layer of snow. By the way, this was Mother's Day weekend. We had rain when we arrived and they had snow up in the park (2500 feet higher) so our window was down to the next morning.
Snow gets deeper and the roads
get slicker as we enter Crater Lake NP

We got up early to clear skies so we quickly went into the park before the clouds moved in. We were rewarded with a spectacular winter scene and amazing pictures of the lake. Needless to say we couldn't do much with 15-20 feet (maybe more) of snow on the ground but at least we weren't shut out. We learned that at least 50 percent of the time, this time of year, you can't even see the lake so we were blessed. The average snow fall here is 44 feet so I don't know how deep the snow was I was standing on for the pictures but fortunately it was hard packed by previous people. It was cloudy within two hours. Our list of things to come back to in the fall is growing.

Crater Lake
Rim Village Visitor Center was
closed for some reason
Crater Lake

Crater Lake
Snow at Steel Visitor Center isn't
quite as deep down a little off the rim.
They had this one open.

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