Friday, April 28, 2017

Joshua Tree National Park

We're on the road again. We're headed west to California and then up to the Northwest for the summer. We got a later start than normal this year due to the need to meet our new grandson and pack up a house, but now we're on the go - it feels good. First stop is to visit Joshua Tree National Park.

We've seen Joshua Trees before on the drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas on US 93. We're obviously very familiar with the desert having lived so long in Arizona so I wasn't sure how special this national park would be for us. As usual, the National Park Service taught us information and effectively directed us to the highlights of the park. I could give away information (like Joshua Trees aren't really trees, what two deserts meet here) but I don't want to spoil it for you. Due to our background we made it through the park relatively quickly (4 hours) and are, once again, thankful for the National Park Service for preserving/guarding special places and endangered environments. This is a special park, like the rest of the NPS managed locations, so don't hesitate to make a visit (and give money to the National Park Foundation!).


Skull Rock

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