Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black Hills SD

We hung out in the Black Hills for a couple weeks to sight see and hike. We didn't do Mt Rushmore, or other high profile things, this time. We opted purely for scenic drives and hikes. Therefore I don't have a lot of exciting things to write about so I'll just include a few pictures. The Flume Trail has historic significance. In the mining boom of the 1880s the Flume carried water 20 miles from Spring Creek to the placer diggings near Rockerville. The trail mostly follows the Flume bed so it is a pretty easy hike. We hiked a few miles from each end and found the Sheridan Lake end is prettier and two miles in has a tunnel which you can either go through or over.
Horsethief Trail

George (Mt Rushmore)
from the side

Sheridan Lake from Flume

Flume Trail - old retaining
wall for Flume bed

Flume Trail

First tunnel on Flume Trail

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