Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back in West Yellowstone again

We entered Yellowstone National Park through the east entrance from Cody Wyoming and drove across the park. The climb over the pass in the Absaroka Mountain range was beautiful through the snow (this was May 21). Here are a couple of pictures.  (Reminder: you can click on pictures to view them larger).

Crossing the Absaroka Mountains on
May 21
Yellowstone Lake still ice covered
on May 21
 We arrived back to our camp site on the Gallatin National Forest Ranger station compound and were greeted with a pile of snow. We didn't think to take a picture before getting to work with shovels to move snow, and after backing in, to level out ruts in the mud. At least the pile wan't too bad, the mud was a bit more discouraging. After that welcome, we are all settled for another summer of adventure.

Our hiking options were limited because most trails were still closed due to snow until recently. We have had a few hikes now as the snow is quickly disappearing other than at higher elevations. The wild flowers are starting to pop out in numbers and the birds are arriving back.

Whits Lake - an alpine lake in the
Gallatin National Forest

Western Tanager

Field of White Mule Ears
Glacier Lilys

So I go on an 8 mile hike in the back country hoping to see wildlife and all I see is one deer and the normal ravens and small birds. Lots of scat, but no critters.  Then while driving home along the Madison River there is a pair of Bald Eagles just hanging out. Go figure.

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