Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hike to Albino Lake

Trail view
Yellowstone National Park is not the only beautiful land around here. On Sunday we drove about 30 miles north and then into the National Forest four miles to do one of many highly recommended hikes. This hike was about 2.5 miles (one way) to a lake where people have reported seeing moose, bear and beaver. I have said I won't leave Montana until I see a moose, and hopefully a grizzly, so this sounded like a good hike to take (equipped with bear spray, just in case that grizzly was seen closer than desired).
Trail view

We had another perfect day of weather (wow, that made 3 in a row that hit 70). The hike was as beautiful as advertised.  We found the beaver dam but did not spot the beaver. As we were hanging out watching for the beaver we saw a golden eagle soaring around and then looking way back on the ridge that we had walked in on, we saw a moose grazing. With all of this happening quickly I didn't get a picture of the eagle but I was able to use my max camera zoom to prove that we saw the moose. I want to see more, closer up, but this is a start.
Albino Lake

Enjoy the pictures.
My first ever moose sighting

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