Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back in AZ

After a year and a half the road trip has returned us to Arizona.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Denver with Angela and Jake and then hit the road Friday morning. We arrived near Camp Verde on Sunday where we will be staying for two weeks before heading further south to Fort McDowell.

Our two month stay at Barr Lake outside Denver was very nice. We most likely will return and do more stints there. I'll take this opportunity to post a few pictures taken around the park.

Snow "flurries" on Oct 25
 We got 6 inches of snow over two days Oct 25 and 26.  Here is a picture during a lull when the sun came out for a little bit.
Barr Lake - Oct 30 - snow gone
except on mountains

Within a few days it was gone so I took a pic over Barr Lake to the mountains.  The lake was still low. Water is released all summer for irrigation.  By the time we left water was coming back in and it was considerably higher than shown here.
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Where's Big Daddy? See him taking
a siesta?

Barr Lake State Park is a wild life sanctuary so we saw a variety of critters including raccoon, deer, pheasants, eagles, lots of different types of hawks, pelicans, cranes, etc. I was most surprised by seeing pelicans in the middle of Colorado.

Big Daddy and friends

Three other bucks on one shot
One evening there were between 20 and 30 deer in the field and I saw 5 bucks, including Big Daddy, at one time. I walked into the field and they weren't too worried about me so I got some really neat pictures including these.

Bald Eagle pair with their nest
One of many great sunsets
We're told that dozens of eagles winter at Barr Lake but there is only one nesting pair.  They were back and repairing their massive nest in early November.

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