Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cooperstown - Baseball Hall of Fame

We drove from our campground in New Hampshire to our next one near Cooperstown, New York. We took state highway 9 across NH and Vermont into NY.  This drive was slow and constant up and down steep grades and twisty curvy around mountains (bye bye fuel). We went around Albany and went west on Highway 20 to our next campground near Cooperstown. This campground had a nice setting on a ridge looking across long fields of corn and grazing cattle.  It was very pleasant.

Baseball Hall of Fame
1984 Champions
We went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on a Friday afternoon.  The village of Cooperstown is very pretty with a lot of beautiful old buildings and homes.  The Hall of Fame is in a neat building on Main Street which is lined with shops selling anything imaginable related to baseball.  The Hall has three floors but overall the building isn't super large. Apparently less than 10% of the memorabilia that they have is on display and displays rotate.  In a nutshell, other than in the "records" area you never know what you'll see.  We were lucky enough to have a couple of displays with the 84 Tigers.  The area where all of the records are (most this, most that) is really packed tight with little info sheets and artifacts. People piled up tight trying to see and read all the facts. You can become overwhelmed with facts and claustrophobic with people. We finally moved on and came back later in the evening when there weren't very many people (you can come and go all day with your admission) and it was much more enjoyable. Overall it was a good experience.
They even had a one of my favorite
moments. The shot that had me yelling
so much Angela (not yet born) came
out 2 weeks early to see what was going on
One of my childhood favorites

The next day we drove across the state of New York to near Buffalo and Niagara. We headed west on Highway 20 which turned out to be lots more of the steep up and down grades. So steep, in fact, that on one we had to shift down to second gear to get over it.  We abandoned our plan of going all the way across state on 20 and went north to I-90 at Syracuse and paid the toll - it was worth it.  We are now only about 12 miles from Canada and in striking distance of Niagara Falls and the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Next weekend we visit those sights as Hall of Fame month continues.

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