Saturday, April 21, 2012

Savannah, GA

Our site at Skidaway Island State Park
Fiddler crabs
We spent the last week at Skidaway Island State Park on the coastal edge of Savannah.  The park's northern edge is the Atlantic inter-coastal waterway.  We enjoyed walking the various trails which criss-crossed through areas that were subject to tidal water rise and fall.  We went during different levels of tide to see how it looked, and how wildlife behaved, at different water levels.  It was fascinating to see the crabs at work scavenging in the mud as the tide went out and watching tiny minnows seemingly pushing the water inland as it slowly moved forward to cover the mud left from the previous tide.  We walked along a stream that flows in both directions and is dry (well mud) for a brief time in-between.  Very cool stuff for us "in-landers".  The more high and dry part of the trails provided a different kind of woods than you find elsewhere also.
Edge of clearing on trail
Confederate earth works
A mix of wild palms, pines and oaks all growing together and often heavily shrouded in Spanish moss. Then you throw in some confederate earth works where they hunkered down waiting for Union attacks and a couple of moonshine stills from the days of Prohibition and you have some very interesting walks.

First Girl Scout headquarters 
We checked out the historic area of Savannah and enjoyed that too.  Ann was excited to see the first Girl Scout headquarters and home of Juliette Gordon Low.  We took one of the trolley tours around and then went back and walked around some of the "squares" to get a closer look at the old homes and buildings.  We ate dinner at the Pirates House and it was excellent. This restaurant is in the oldest building in Savannah which was for a long time a haven for Pirates.  The story is interesting and fun but too long for this so I shall provide a link so you can read at your leisure.

Cool old building

The Pirates House 

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