Friday, March 23, 2012

Lakeland - Spring Training

Prince, Miguel, Rafael
We moved to Lakeland, FL the beginning of March so we would be close to Tigers spring training.  We are in a nice campground full of nice snow birds.  We've never been in a campground with such a high percentage of really friendly people.  We've attended four Tiger games and had a great time at each.  It's great to see the team, including prospects, up close.  Joker Marchant stadium has been refurbished and is a beautiful facility.

We drove over to Tarpon Springs last weekend, near the Gulf Coast.  This area was an important sponge diving area in the early 1900's when Greek divers came to this area.  The industry has diminished, but they've kept the sponge dock area "historic" (touristy, if you ask me).  The highlight of the trip was the food!  We had a great Gyro and Greek salad for lunch. There was supposed to be a place where Manatees hang out but we couldn't find it.  Oh well.

We'll be flying to Phoenix for a visit this weekend and will attend a Diamondbacks game and a Mariners game while there so we'll attend both Grapefruit League and Cactus League games in one spring.  Can't imagine that is done a lot.

I thought I would post a revised map of our travels as this will be the last post before we head north on April 8. The blue line was 2010 and the green line is 2011 and gold is 2012.

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