Saturday, September 17, 2011

To the L.P.

On September 8th we went "down below" to the lower peninsula to a reunion of college friends in Bay City.  We had a great weekend on Saginaw Bay visiting, reminiscing and watching Michigan beat Notre Dame (had to slip that in).  We stayed the next week to have a couple minor repairs done on our home and then headed to the west side on the 16th.  We'll be hanging out north of Grand Rapids for 5 weeks until we head south for the winter. 

I most likely won't be posting until we hit the road again in late October.  We'll just be hanging out with family and friends.  Chilling, visiting (working, ugh) and taking a reprieve from driving. 

I'll take this opportunity to post a new map of the travels so far.  Since we left Phoenix June 4 the motor-home has gone 4,370 miles.  The car has put on around 4,000 miles of its own not including being towed all of the miles the motor-home was driven.  The green line on the map is this years travels, the blue line was last summer.

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