Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back in AZ

I got up this morning at the truck stop in Casa Blanca NM and the lot had filled up with trucks over night. That’s a lot of trucks.  I pulled out and headed west on I-40 continuing the climb in elevation until I hit the Continental Divide, east of Gallup, at around 7260 feet.  The drive across here is pretty nice until into AZ and then it is pretty drab.

I saw a group of Harley riders go by me on I-40 and based on British flags on each bike and a trailing mini-van I believe it was one of those guided tours.

I headed south on 87 from Winslow AZ to my planned campground at Clints Well.  I planned to stay at this cool high country campground for a few weeks until it cooled off down in the valley.  I goofed, however, and missed my turn off of 87.  Unfortunately, 87 is a typical mountain road with no pull offs much less a place to turn around a motor home pulling a car.  When I reached the turn for Camp Verde and still was unsuccessful, I decided just to head to Camp Verde and plan B.

So, I’m at a campground near Camp Verde where unfortunately it is 25 degrees warmer (because it is 3600 feet lower) than what I had hoped for.  Oh well, at least it’s cooler than Phoenix.  I’ll stay here a couple of weeks.

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